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Moxie Mavericks

Transition and Performance Coaching

Know your signature strengths.

Own your transitions

Find your sweet spot.

Performance is about acting deliberately to achieve outcomes that matter to you.

Research shows that fulfillment comes from expressing our talents, feeling appreciated for our contributions, and participating in

something greater than ourselves. 

Whether your goal is life balance, thriving in a new role, or increasing your company’s bottom-line, change happens along the way. 

Transition is how you grow through change.

Thriving individuals, teams, and organizations regulate talent and energy investments to maintain resilience, especially during transition. Resilience is the core of performance.


Mavericks find their moxie in the sweet spot between motivation, talent, and opportunity to engage meaningfully with the world.

Transition and Performance Coaching

Moxie Mavericks Standard

Lisa Gentile, MS, CPLP,  founded Moxie Mavericks LLC to provide evidence-based professional coaching and consulting services. Solutions draw upon empirically validated research from proven disciplines such as cognitive and behavioral psychology. Clients benefit from the most valid, reliable, and effective techniques available.


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