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Engage Your Strengths. You set the agenda. You chart your course. We start with what matters to you, where you are, and what's next. We work from your natural strengths to expand your options. 


Shift Forward. We explore sustainable practices and boost resilience. With less sacrifice and more renewal, the impact of your actions becomes transformative.


Thrive in Your Sweet Spot. Resonate with your signature voice. Cultivate a community that nourishes the best in everyone.


Moxie Mavericks coaching is available to individuals and groups. A minimum engagement of three months is required.

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Learn for performance. When learning knowledge, skills, and attitudes is part of your employee development solution, the best practices in curriculum development are a must. We create blended, scalable learning solutions to move you forward together.


Learn for growth. One of the most appreciated ways to reward and motivate high performing contributors is to partner in their quest for excellence. We create modern learning paths that inspire. 


Learn for joy. When we expand our thinking, we make room for curiosity and connection. Our learning experiences are human-centered. They encourage sincerity, play, and compassion.


Moxie Mavericks learning design services are available to organizations.

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and events

Get curious. We create, collaborate, and participate in a variety of educational events throughout each year.


Self-paced online courses,instructor-led classes, workshops, and global conferences are all in the mix.


Join in to meet other mavericks and share life experiences.


Moxie Mavericks events are usually available to the public.


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“Coaching with Lisa gave me a very personal and deep sense of myself. This is me in action!"

Emily | Event Planner

"My coaching time with Lisa has been invaluable. My leadership instincts have been validated, I have tried new things, and

I am more confident."

Lionel | Senior Vice President

"I learned to apply my strength of honesty to express more of my gratitude. Now I am more connected to my team."

Gabrielle | Attorney

"Lisa helps me stay true to myself with encouragement and humor."

Joy | Screenwriter

"I feel calmer and more resilient thanks to

the techniques we have practiced."

Reggie | Chief Financial Officer

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