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Bridge the Engagement Gap with a Strengths Based Culture

October 2, 2013


Seventy-five percent of the workforce feels the demand on their energy exceeds what they have to give (Human Performance Institute, 2010).


Capitalizing on a strengths-based culture enables you to bridge the engagement gap, create resilience, and boost performance. Exploring your team’s interplay of character strengths helps you create a positive work environment where team members express themselves, appreciate each other, and know they are contributing to something larger than themselves.


Signs of Disengagement


A major symptom of workforce fatigue is disengagement. Signs of disengagement include: absenteeism, negative language, slow progress, and minimal effort. 54% of the workforce is not engaged. 18% is actively not engaged and acting-out (Robinson, 2010).


In a study of 40 global companies, disengaged workforces decreased operating income 33% and earnings per share 11% (Gabauer, 2008).


Benefits of Engagement


However, engaged workforces increased operating income 19% and earnings per share 28%. And 28% of the workforce is engaged: committed to giving their best effort and enthusiastic about contributing discretionary effort at work. How and why?


Most of us want to express ourselves, to feel appreciated, and to contribute to something bigger than ourselves. Knowing how we matter to a team is key to feeling connected at work. Shared awareness of individual and collective strengths, the expressions of ourselves that fulfill us, leads to heightened engagement (VIA, 2012).


Members of engaged teams report:

  • Increased understanding of one another's priorities

  • Decreased conflict

  • Improved communication

  • Greater confidence in one another's abilities


Ask about the Team Strengths Builder.




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